"Mind, Matter, Money and Mutation"

the future of wealth creation


Wealth gives you freedom and choice to do WHAT you want, WHEN you want and HOW you want.

Julie Greeve in conjunction with Kellie Stewart and Fabrice Maravigna is running a 2 day exclusive workshop

The workshop that will provide to you the know-how of what is in your way to receive and create wealth and to introduce you to tools that produce results in wealth building!

We will look into our value system as this may as well be the corner stone of becoming financially abundant.

This is not taught at school but will open your eyes on how you spend your time and what kind of results you can predict.

A second component will help us too bring conscious what is previously unconscious in your relationship with money.

Some step by step techniques and tools will be shared to help you really expand on wealth creation.

An introduction to Cryptocurrency,

      What is it?

      How to use it?

      How to make money with it?

Click on the link below to find out more.


Mind Matter Money Workshop


There is a lot of uncertainty abound regarding cryptocurrencies, it is an emerging form of currency so why not take the time to unravel some of the myths with knowledge towards understanding its potential.


Yours faithfully

Julie Greeve

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